Marc Leepson, historian, author and journalist had this to say in a book review for the May/June issue of the VVA Veteran: "Writing in a breezy, quote-filled style, Maberry chronicles his life and times, which included shaking hands with Gen. Westmoreland following an in-country church service, turning against the war after he came home, and finding inner contentment through Buddhism."

 "Great book; enjoyable read. I recommend this book to everyone!" says Timothy Harada, author of Myth Shattering, "It's rare that I read a book through from cover to cover without rotating it out between 4 or 5 other books I'm reading at the same time, but for this book I read it all the way through without picking up the many other books I'm currently reading. I was very encouraged that regardless of the troubles John Maberry faced throughout all the ordeals in his life, he was able to grow and learn from each of them and eventually overcome them. Through his journey he was able to find his way to a Buddhist philosophy that puts all of life's challenges in perspective and allows one to appreciate where they brought him."

"I highly recommend it," says A. Sansbury. "It's a small book and reads very fast. No matter what your own experience in life, I think you will find this book interesting and impressive, and it may just lead to a whole new life for you, a new awakening. Mr. Maberry and I couldn't have lived more disparate lives if we'd tried. He survived things that have only scared me from a distance and he has achieved things I've only dreamt about from a distance. I'm so impressed with the way he has developed his life. I'm especially delighted to have read his account of his experience of the '60s and '70s, two decades I didn't fit into very well. Like Forrest Gump, Mr. Maberry made me re-evaluate that era in a more favorable light. In fact, this book made me re-evaluate a lot of things." 

 “A gripping story of the harsh realities of life and the search for a purpose,” says Jim Maglione of Springfield, Virginia.  “It is a sensitive portrait of one man’s story, in which the author accurately captures the reality and emotion of coming of age during the 60’s and 70’s.  This is truly a compelling story of self actualization.”  

 "John Maberry has written an insightful book about how he used the material of his own life to take a transformative journey of personal change. The journey itself is difficult enough; to write about it honestly, without excuses, is a rare achievement. In an era of blaming and fingerpointing, Maberry has succeeded in telling a true story of how happiness results from taking personal responsibility for one's actions, no matter the obstacles one must face. My personal favorite: the story of how, by practicing "seeing the potential Buddha in every being," John gained the opportunity to change his karma and eventually enjoy a loving and respectful relationship with his father-in-law. Kudos!" Says Joanne Lozar Glenn, writer and educator, author of Mentor Me.

 "Enjoyable Reading,” says Janet, of Alexandria, Virginia. “Having grown up in the same time period, we feel he genuinely depicts the turbulent atmosphere in our country. We recommend this book to all looking for reflection and insight into personal development.”

 "I greatly enjoyed and learned from [John Maberry's] writings. [His] life experiences, views and beliefs are of great value. I am very glad to have read [his] book!" Said Judy Bennett.

5.0 out of 5 stars"An Enjoyable Life Story," says Wesley Higaki, "Waiting for Westmoreland is an excellent memoir . . . I was particularly moved and educated by his observations about the politics involved in the unpopular, yet long-lasting Vietnam War. The quality of the author’s writing is excellent - it is descriptive and clear. This independently-published work rivals the quality of work produced by the professional publishing houses. I found the story fascinating and it held my interest throughout." 

5.0 out of 5 stars"Life, Growth, Evolve," D.G. Kaye, author of four highly rated books, says: "The author takes us on his journey from childhood where he lives through the loss of both parents and moves around different states, different jobs, Viet Nam war, where he shares his candid views and experiences through his struggles physically and internally. His mission to become successful in job and relationships becomes a driving force which keeps him motivated through adversity and rejection is an inspiration for many to take something from his journey."


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